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Sri Lanka's first and only fully automated electronic library.

Information has become the most valuable item in the modern world. There are many ways of accessing information. Electronic library is a place where you can search for information very quickly with the help of a number of multimedia equipment.

There are no any printed materials here. You have to read the multimedia book on the computer screen. If you cannot read, the computer will read for you and then, you only have to listen. You can access any page at any time.

The multimedia encyclopedias give you the information you need instantly. You can get the information in video, photo as well as audio formats.

The self learning kits and teaching programmes allows you to learn subject matters with interactive comprehension activities. When you answer the question papers, your answer sheets will be marked instantly and you will get the feedbacks immediately.

Here there are many E-magazines, Educational video documentary programmes, films, dramas and various maps for your reference.

Another special item of this e-library is the automatic system. The computer talks to the user by his or her name and provides instructions.


  • Access of E-books
  • Access of multimedia encyclopedias
  • Access of Educational Videos, Films and Dramas
  • Access of automatic educational programmes
  • Study of Maps
  • Holding one day workshops on internet
  • Launching "e-balangoda" Information technology promotion programme

Working Days and Hours:

Monday to Friday - 8.30 am to 4.30 pm


250 LKR only (Valid for 30 days)

Offers FREE usage time of 2 hours (max) daily.

Now the time has come to shift from the general library system to electronic libraries. Electronic libraries will be essential as the value of the time and information is rapidly growing up.

Only the Balangoda Urban council has a fully automated electronic library like this.

For more details, contact Mr.Sankalpa Pemadasa. Telephone : 045-2288737

Download the leaflet containing more info on Balangoda E-Library

Telephone : 045-2288737

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