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The very first information technology promotion project launched in Sri Lanka by a local authority is e-balangoda project.

Aims and objectives:

To make aware the citizens on the latest issues of the modern technology and its uses as well as leading the nation towards the global village.


  • Providing guidance for the internet users to get information easily and quickly.
  • Launching Information technology promotion programmes in the school level.
  • Introducing and providing guidance to use the e-items such as e-learning, e-channeling, e-library, e-books, e-money, e-magazine, e-card, e-banking, e-commerce.
  • Helping to reduce unemployment by introducing new computer related job opportunities.
  • Appointing skilled employees to computer related jobs.
  • Guiding the business community of the area to build up positive international business relationships.
  • Making aware the public on free open source software and Operating Systems.
  • Launching troubleshooting programmes to help the public to solve the problems related to computers.(Hardware/Software)
  • Providing guidance and co-ordination to buy computers and to follow computer courses.
  • Holding one day internet workshops for government servants, conducting special ICT lectures and workshops for students and un-employees and conducting computer courses.
  • Providing guidance and co-ordination to computerize the business institutions.
  • Providing guidance to establish new computer related businesses and helping to solve problems occurred when carrying on and maintaining.

Powered by:

  1. Balangoda urban council.
  2. Balangoda public library.
  3. e – library of the Balangoda public library.
  4. Balangoda Computer Society.

For more information - Mr. Sankalpa Pemadasa - 045– 2287275 / 045-2288737

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