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  • You are lawfully bound to pay the rates for each and every land and building located in the urban council area.
  • Once in each five years the valuation department is assessing the annual value of each and every property and out of that value 4% for households and 5% for business premises would be charged as rates.
  • If you are paying the rates before 31st of January each year, you will be offered a 10% discount. For the late payments there will be an extra charge of 20% added at the end of each quarter.

De rating

  • When renting out or keeping the buildings closed, an in written request must be made from the mayor.
  • The properties of those who avoid paying the rates on time will be subjected to legal procedures or will be prohibited.


  • Rentals must be paid before the 10th of each month. All the late payments will be subjected to an extra daily fine.
  • Having arrears of two months is breaking the agreement and so the shop will be taken over to the urban council.
  • It is your responsibility to make valid tax agreements for each and every year.

License fees

  • All the businesses carrying on inside the urban council area must be registered by making necessary payments within the month of January each year.
  • Each and every businessman must follow the advices of the Mayor, Medical Officer of Health(M.O.H.) and the Public Health Officer.(P.H.I.)
  • • Continuing an unregistered business is a fault which would result to court punishments and the late registrations will be subjected to an extra fee of 250 LKR.

‍Fees for the services

Application fees (non- vestigation) 100 LKR
Non- vestigation certificate fees 500 LKR
Application of abstracts of deeds 100 LKR
Entering a name to the valuation report 400 LKR
Taking a copy of Valuation report 100 LKR
Extract of rate(per year) 20 LKR

Advertising Banner fees

(per 1 Square meter)
Advertising duration – 10 days

30 LKR

Notice board fees (per 1 Square meter)

(Advertising duration for a notice board – 1 year)

75 LKR
Foot bicycle license fees 25 LKR
All the above fees are subjected to government taxes and levies.  
Membership fee for the library (Students) 50 LKR
Membership fee for the library (Adults) 100 LKR

When fixing a banner on a road reservation, the permission must be gained from the Road Development Authority.

Better Citizens Pay Taxes On Time...

For more information please contact the Revenue Inspector (R.I) Mr. S.M.S. Ananda – 071-4462323

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