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Welcome To Balangoda Public library


Balangoda Public library was established in 1961-06-11 and the first location of this library was near the Katharagama Kovil in Balangoda town. After many years the library was moved to the current location, near the urban council building. This was reopened with a slight new look and a reference section and a lending section was also added. As the space was not enough due to the daily growth of the members and users in 1991 a new built reference hall and a newspaper reading hall was established attaché to the main building. This was a grade 3 library until 1996 and then it was promoted to grade 2. Celebrating the golden jubilee of this library in 1998 a new reference section was opened which could facilitate the access of about 100 users at a time. As this library was growing up with new units day by day, an internet unit and a nice children's unit was added in the year 2001.

Balangoda Public Library Celebrates The Golden Jubilee...


Situated next to the urban council building, Barns Ratwatte Mw, Balangoda.

Current situation:

According to the calculations of year 2010, there are about 8500 members and more than 25800 library books in the Balangoda public library. Exceeding 500 users consume the library daily.


  • Lending section
  • Reference section
  • Study section
  • Children's section
  • Newspaper section
  • Reading Hall

Membership fees for the library:

Description Membership fee Including taxes
Membership fee for students 50.00 LKR 57.00 LKR
Membership fee for adults 100.00 LKR 114.00 LKR
Membership fee for the adults who does not reside in the urban council area but resides within the distance of 5 km from urban area.(Note - Applicants who does not reside in the urban council area will be charged a non-refundable fee of 1000 LKR.) 100.00 LKR 114.00 LKR

Renewal fees for the membership of the library:

Description Membership fee Including taxes
Students 25.00 LKR 27.00 LKR
Adults 50.00 LKR 54.00 LKR

Membership Application forms:

Application for new membership
Application for renewal of the membership

Telephone: 045-2287275

Facilitating The New Generation To Develop Knowledge As Well As Values Is Our Ultimate Objective.


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