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Productive Circles of Balangoda urban Council

Supipi Circle

Suppipi Circle is powered by the Income unit of Balangoda Urban Council. The main objective here is to provide a better service by minimizing the short comings of the institute.

Shakthi Circle

This is the Circle of the Industrial unit. This observes the services of the Industrial unit to find out the strengths and weaknesses and takes immediate measures. For example, this circle has organized a special programme to issue various permits, approvals and certificates without any delay.

Prathibha Circle

This circle is formed with a combination of several units such as the public library, Vidu nena piyasa-the IT center, Ayurvedic medical branch and the nursery. This Circle gathers once a month and launches various projects for the benefit of the public.

Pavithra Circle

This is the circle of the Health unit. This circle ensures the quality of the work done by the health unit and facilitates the needs of the employees.

Isuru Circle

The Productive circle of the income unit is this Isuru Circle. This always monitors the productiveness of the unit and helps to cater the public with a qualitative service.

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