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Main services

01. Solid waste management

  • Keeping the city clean
  • Collecting garbage.
  • Providing Gully Bowser service.
  • Facilitating the waste water cleaning with the new technology
  • Cleaning the roads
  • Cleaning the drains
  • Grading garbage.
  • Making Compost fertilizer using the decaying garbage
  • Re-cycling the non-decaying garbage.
  • Using the residual for sanitary land filling.
  • Introducing domestic compost tanks to make compost domestically.
  • Introducing domestic compost tanks to make compost domestically.
  • Facilitating “Re-Use” and reducing the amount of domestic garbage.
  • Re-cycling polythene and plastic.
  • Establishing 3R societies in rural areas.
  • Maintaining the excreta cleaning system.
  • Holding National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) courses and exams regarding Solid waste management.

02. Safety of foods.

  • Checking the quality of the meat daily which is prepared for human consumption
  • Supervising and sanitizing the Public fair and the Market.
  • ‍Taking the samples of foods.
  • Sanitizing the places where the foods are being sold.
  • ‍Taking legal actions against unsecured food items.
  • Supervising the private Markets.
  • Sanitization of the foods.

03. Water supply.

  • Securing the cleanliness of the water resources.
  • Supervising the wells.
  • Sample taking and supervision of the dinking water.
  • Quality checking and controlling of bottled drinking water.

04. Controlling the disease carriers.

  • Controlling the growth and population of mosquitoes, flies and rats.
  • Preventing the generation of the disease carriers.
  • Making the community aware of the diseases and the ways of Preventing the generation of the disease carriers.
  • Searching about the infectious diseases and health education.

05. Controlling Rabies.

  • Vaccination of the dogs.
  • Destroying the recognized infected animals.
  • Registering the dogs and issuing license.

06. Environmental health.

  • Searching about the environmental pollution.
  • Issuing Environmental protection licences and permits.
  • Taking legal actions against environmental pollution.
  • ‍Taking legal actions against environmental pollution.

07. School 3R society programme.

School 3R societies have been established in 10 urban schools

  • R/ Buddha Jayanthi Central College
  • R/ Jeilani Central College
  • R/ Bulathgama Tamil Central College
  • R/ Ananda Maithraya Central College
  • R/ St. Agnes Girls’ School
  • R/ Vidyaloka Vidyalaya
  • R/ Balangoda Kumara Vidyalaya
  • R/ Allearawa Hindu College
  • R/ Allepola Vidyalaya
  • R/ C.C. Tamil School

Contact Info:

UC Public Health Inspector 01
Mr. N.L.Sri Raj Liyanage
Tel: 076-7054104 /071-3054104 / 045-2287275

UC Public Health Inspector 02
Mr. B.L.K.L Kumarasinghe
Tel: 077-3085303 /075-7729609/ 045-2287275

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