National Productivity Award winner - 2005

Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Units

Department Head - Mr. M.A.N. Premathilaka( Chief Resilient Office)

Management Assestance - 03
Community Animators - 125
Street comity - 25
village comity - 125

Organization Stricture of DRR & CCA Department

Formation of DRR & CCA Comity

Comity Chairman - W.M.N.G. Weerasingha - Chairman - Urban Council - Balangoda
Comity Sectary - M.A.N. premathilaka - Ch. Public Health Inspector - UC Balangoda
Comity Members - M.T.M. Roomee - Council Member
Comity Members - Nimal Karunarathna - Council Member
Comity Members - M.J. Malicsha - Council Member
Officer of Environment police - Police Station - Balangoda
Superintendent of Work - U.V. Dala bandara - UC Balangoda
Revenue Inspector - S.M.S. Ananda - UC Balangoda
Environment Officer - J.Jayathissa - Divisional Sectary Office - Balangoda
Technical Officer - E.S.Office Balangoda - M.K.J. Nissanka
Senior cetizen - A.B.S. Bandarawaththa
Aruweda doctor- Kiveraj Gunanthilaka
Environment Consultant - Kusuma Abesingha
community leaders - kusuma Jayasundara / W.G. siripala

City Profile

Country Name - Sri Lanka
City - Urban Council Balangoda
Administrative area - 16.2 km2
Population - 35,875 – ( Residence )
population in balangoda area – 77026 (Divisional area )
(Sinhalese - 56%, Tamil - 20% Muslim - 24%)
Growth rate per year - 1.2 per thousand
Population density - 2214 per 1km2
Yearly GDP per capita in USD - 2760 – 3600 ( 50 % cetezenas
Geographical setting - High elevation 718 m per sea level,
3 monsoon (North east - December to February, South west - May to July,
Intermediate - September to October
Annually Rainfall - 2100mm
Total Income for taxes - 484225 $
Total Expenditures' - 484225 $

Organization Stucture of DRR & Waste Managment Units

Disaster committee Identify the main resins of flood
Main river turn 90 degrees in the city
Main river pollute waste water garbage

Satellite Map

Main Problems

  • City traffic
  • Lack of the land
  • Soli pollution for gem mining
  • Lack of funds
  • Waste water problems
  • Polluted natural water body

Detail Overview of City Problems

  • City traffic
  • No seffiecnt free land for parking
  • No green belt
  • Polluted main river ( dorawela oya )
  • Waste water disposal
  • Poor storm water drainage facilities
  • 20% of unauthorized construction
  • Inadequate road spaces and parking

Main Challenges

  • Bad planning land use plan
  • Inefficient municipal management structure ( no planning department)
  • Lack of funds
  • No future integrated development plan

Project Inputs

  1. Risk assessment and reporting disaster situation
  2. Prepared and Implementation Disaster minimization and preparedness' of 2011 to 2015 plans
  3. Include & cooperate prepared DRR/CCA plans to Urban Development Authority’s city development plan
  4. Formation of disaster preparedness committee and DRR Centre
  5. Conduct Flood prevention pilot project
  6. Allocation funds for implement DRR/CCA Plan in council budget

Issues ,Challenges ,Solutions

  • Risk assessment and reporting disaster situation
  • Disaster minimization and preparation of plans
  • Include prepared DRR plans to Urban Development Authority’s city development plan
  • Formation of disaster preparedness committee
  • Update building application forms for disaster risk reduction
  • Formation of a disaster preparedness committee
  • Conduct a pilot project for minimize flood risk related to Dorawela river development plan
  • Allocate funds from budget to face disasters
  • Develop a community operate disaster management center
  • Establish disaster management and 3R committees
  • Awareness programs for school children, government officers and private sector
  • Maintain a buffer stock for emergency use
  • Introduce low cost building plans for reduce disasters.

Main Disaster

Land Slide

Mapping and identifying critical areas Compulsory to get the prior approval of Building Research Organization for new building constructions Maximum slope for excavating a land is 450 Should reserve a buffer zone with suitable plants for new building constructions


Introduce low cost lightning arr-ester systems Compulsive to install lightning arr-esters for all buildings more than 2 stories and Promote multi communication antenna towers.


House cleaning campaigns City cleaning campaigns Investigate and get legal actions against mosquito breeding places Introduce a sticker system for identify dengue critical areas

We are joining my city get ready programme organize by UNISDR

DRR & CCA Special project
Flood Control Plan

  • Banded construction of Dorawela river side
  • Replant Bamboos Trees River side
  • Establish of proper drain cleaning
  • Establish of pumping station for Constriction of Dorawela oya rehabilitation project UNHABITAT

Construct new Dorawela Oya protection system
Supported by – UN-HABITAT & University of Moratuwa
Project cost – 120,000 $
council spend – 20, 000 $

Historical Background and DRR/CCA Project Concept Download Click Hear

The Council joining new project with UNHABITAT - Nirobi.

City Resilience Profiling Programme (CRPP), UN-Habitat download to Click Hear

Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness Plan-Balangoda

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